Hi! I'm August, and I run Indie and Echo with the help of my family up in sunny Leeds. 
I'm a mum of 2 and a keen runner - unfortunately for my children, I love to combine my parenting and running! I can often be seen at my local parkrun with my littlest in a buggy. I started my running journey on a couch to 5k programme, and haven't looked back since. I've gone on to run all distances right up to marathons, and I'm eyeing up an ultra at the moment. Running has completely changed my own and my families lives for the better. I am so lucky to be able to combine this passion and business - this is so far from work, and I am so grateful to my wonderful customers for this. 
You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook - I give updates on my new designs and products, share ridiculous and relatable memes and also blog about my own running journey. I love to share my gorgeous customers journeys and achievements too, so feel free to tag me into your pictures and bonus points for wearing Indie and Echo! 
Take care, keep running and keep being totally badass, 
August x