Woman running through a park, with a 3 wheeled running buggy with a baby inside, covered by a blanket. The woman is wearing running shorts and a tshirt, pink running shoes and behind her are several other people who are also running.

Hello from me!

Hello! Welcome to Indie and Echo! I'm August, the owner of this small business which started during my maternity leave with my second child. The thought of returning to my very mundane desk job filled me with dread, so... I decided to quit and build a business around my passion - running and fitness!

My running journey properly started in 2018. I had been struggling to get to the elusive 5km distance, so I enrolled on a couch to 5km programme with my local running club. After a few weeks, I 'graduated' at the local parkrun with a time of 32:19. The first time I'd run that distance without stopping! I haven't looked back. From there, I went on to run 10k's, 10 milers, half marathons and eventually marathons. Running completely changed my life for the better. I've met incredible, inspiring people, I'm happier, healthier and my entire family has benefitted from our active lifestyle. I now run with my toddler in her running buggy - Indie and Echo is named in her honour! 

I spend a silly amount of time in leggings and sweatshirts, more so now after having my second child. I decided to design my own sweatshirts which made me feel good - like I'd actually made an effort that morning! And now, this has become my wonderful business. I absolutely love what I do, it certainly doesn't feel like work. I hope you love what I do, too! I'll be adding new designs and products frequently, along with blog posts about my running and parenting journey. 


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Lots of love, and happy running, 


August xx 







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